Annie Hall (@nnie H@ll)

Oblogatory watches Woody Allen’s greatest comedic work, “Annie Hall,” starring Diane Keaton. Far from old-fashioned, this movie is neat!

ChatGPT 3.5 also reviews “Annie Hall,” in a “John Henry Vs. The Machine” type duel.

Daughters of the Dust

“Daughters of the Dust” is the first theatrically screened film directed by a black woman, all the way back in… only 1991?! Oblogatory closes out Women’s History Month with this hypnotic look at the Gullah (Geechee) people.

Beau Travail

“Beau Travail” ranked number seven on Sight & Sound’s 2022 list of the greatest movies of all time and is the second-highest entry directed by a woman. For Women’s History Month, Oblogatory watches this femme film… about a bunch of half-naked men.

In the Mood for Love

“In the Mood for Love” is Sight & Sound’s top romantic film. Find out why Oblogatory agrees but shouldn’t have reviewed it for Valentine’s Day.


“Persona” is Sight & Sound 2022’s top horror movie. Oblogatory absorbs this film about two women’s identities merging.