Boyz ‘n the Hood

Times have changed since 1991’s “Boyz ‘n the Hood,” John Singleton’s West-Coast opus. Oblogatory scouts out what’s still good.

Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing Spike Lee Poster Oblogatory Post

After much procrastination, Oblogatory finally follows the advice of Spike Lee’s greatest work and watches “Do the Right Thing.” And, yep, it’s still disturbingly relevant 30 years later.

Surviving the Game

The early 90’s was a rising tide for Black Cinema. Oblogatory watches “Surviving the Game,” a boat that should not have been lifted.

Why Did the Oscars Snub Angela Bassett?

Jaime Lee Curtis finally won an Oscar this year while Angela Bassett lost for the–wait, this virtuoso actress has only been nominated twice?! Oblogatory confronts a thorny pattern in the Academy’s choices.

Malcolm X

As “Malcolm X” turns 30, Oblogatory finally understands why movie lovers were angry that Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, and Angela Bassett didn’t get the recognition they deserved.

Daughters of the Dust

“Daughters of the Dust” is the first theatrically screened film directed by a black woman, all the way back in… only 1991?! Oblogatory closes out Women’s History Month with this hypnotic look at the Gullah (Geechee) people.

Set It Off

“Set It Off” flipped the Hood Film genre on its head, exploring it from the female point of view. Oblogatory finds out if this movie still deserves to steal your time and money

New Jack City

Often called “Black Scarface,” “New Jack City” is flawed and dated, but its heart and message still ring true 30 years later. Oblogatory investigates how this movie operates.