Meet Me in St. Louis

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Is “Meet Me in St. Louis” even a Christmas movie? Not really, but its knockout song from Judy Garland gives it a top spot anyway. Oblogatory attends The World’s Fair with this musical classic.

The Shop around the Corner

“The Shop around the Corner” has been imitated to death–it was even remade as “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Oblogatory finds out if this Christmas classic is still worth the bill of sale.

Christmas in Connecticut

Fun, charming, and old-fashioned in the best way, Christmas in Connecticut feels warmer than a mink coat. Find out why Oblogatory thinks this holiday treat should be your new annual tradition.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Is “It’s a Wonderful Life” really the greatest Christmas movie of all time? Oblogatory views this classic with fresh eyes and partially agrees with George Bailey: It’d be better if some parts of the movie had never existed at all…


Oblogatory gets out of its social bubble and watches “Tangerine, a film about trans representation, sex workers, and the proper pronunciation of the name Dinah.