Some Like It Hot: An Obligatory Rewatch

“Some Like It Hot” has surged back to the forefront of cultural relevance after nabbing 13 Tony nominations and winning Best Actor in a Musical. Oblogatory rewatches the 1959 film to find out if this jazzy comedy is still as fiery as advertised.

Dog Day Afternoon

Oblogatory closes out Pride Month with “Dog Day Afternoon,” a film with tragic character arcs and even more tragic hairstyles.

M3GAN: Coded Gay

“Oblogatory” and “Why Does Hollywood?” investigate the latest doll of the LGBTQ+ community, including her placement on a shelf alongside classic villains.


Oblogatory reopens a cold case with “Cruising,” Al Pacino and William Friedkin’s flawed and controversial look into the ’80s NYC bondage scene.

Beau Travail

“Beau Travail” ranked number seven on Sight & Sound’s 2022 list of the greatest movies of all time and is the second-highest entry directed by a woman. For Women’s History Month, Oblogatory watches this femme film… about a bunch of half-naked men.

Set It Off

“Set It Off” flipped the Hood Film genre on its head, exploring it from the female point of view. Oblogatory finds out if this movie still deserves to steal your time and money


“Persona” is Sight & Sound 2022’s top horror movie. Oblogatory absorbs this film about two women’s identities merging.


Oblogatory reviews a show that not only wholesomely portrays multiple LGBT+ relationships, but also perfectly transitions to TV from the notoriously tricky webtoon medium.


Oblogatory gets out of its social bubble and watches “Tangerine, a film about trans representation, sex workers, and the proper pronunciation of the name Dinah.