The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Oblogatory watches “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg,” the color-theory obsessed, retina-overstimulating French musical that inspired “La La Land.”

Divorce Italian Style

Oblogatory continues exploring dark comedy with the riotous 1961 classic “Divorce Italian Style,” a movie whose humor is so caustic, you could dissolve a body in it!

Annie Hall (@nnie H@ll)

Oblogatory watches Woody Allen’s greatest comedic work, “Annie Hall,” starring Diane Keaton. Far from old-fashioned, this movie is neat!

ChatGPT 3.5 also reviews “Annie Hall,” in a “John Henry Vs. The Machine” type duel.

The Red Shoes

Oblogatory watches “The Red Shoes,” still the gleaming pinnacle of movies about dance even on its 75th anniversary.

In the Mood for Love

“In the Mood for Love” is Sight & Sound’s top romantic film. Find out why Oblogatory agrees but shouldn’t have reviewed it for Valentine’s Day.

The Shop around the Corner

“The Shop around the Corner” has been imitated to death–it was even remade as “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Oblogatory finds out if this Christmas classic is still worth the bill of sale.

Christmas in Connecticut

Fun, charming, and old-fashioned in the best way, Christmas in Connecticut feels warmer than a mink coat. Find out why Oblogatory thinks this holiday treat should be your new annual tradition.


Oblogatory reviews a show that not only wholesomely portrays multiple LGBT+ relationships, but also perfectly transitions to TV from the notoriously tricky webtoon medium.

The Shoujo Anime Growth Spurt

From “Love Is War” to “Fruits Basket,” Oblogatory explores recent shoujo anime and discovers five critically acclaimed, must-watch series.