Why Did the One Piece Live Action Work?

Netflix has finally struck gold with “One Piece,” their latest live-action anime adaptation. Oblogatory looks into how this show made such a big wave.

Why is Hollywood on Strike?

For the first time since 1960, both the actors AND writers guilds have walked out on studios. Oblogatory gets into the reasons why Hollywood is on strike.


November’s theme is “Awkward Family Encounters,” and each post will embody the role of someone at a tense Thanksgiving dinner. My first pick, filling in the “back in my day” grandparents, is this Yellowstone prequel. If you’ve ever wanted an adaptation of the computer game “The Oregon Trail,” you’ll want to read this review.​

Midnight Mass–A Catholic Show?

This Netflix critical darling has gotten viewers of all beliefs at each other’s throats. Oblogatory finds out who should fall under its spell and who should stay far away from this service.

Cardinal (Season One)

Oblogatory feels the autumn chill with the Canadian murder mystery thriller “Cardinal” and compares it to others in the genre.