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Co-written with Chris Brewer

A traumatized woman named Misty finds herself trapped in a robotic body by her captor, Tim, while her consciousness remains intact. With the aid of a fearless programmer, Misty must navigate a complex web of relationships and confront her own past trauma to break free from Tim’s grip and rediscover her humanity.

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Ctrl+Alt+Delete placed higher than 9,000 other entries to qualify for the second-round position in the 2023 Austin Film Festival

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In the dystopian future of CTRL+ALT+Delete, Misty, a woman haunted by past trauma, awakens to a chilling reality: her consciousness is imprisoned within a robotic body controlled by Tim, her malevolent captor. Stripped of autonomy, Misty’s struggles are twofold—she must not only escape Tim’s tyrannical grasp but also reckon with the abuse he’s inflicted upon her. With the support of her friends, Olivia and Joe, Misty embarks on a harrowing journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As they navigate the treacherous landscape of their emotions and relationships, Misty, Olivia, and Joe must uncover the truth behind Tim’s motives and the secrets buried within Misty’s digital existence.

Amidst a backdrop of technology and tension, the trio’s fight for freedom unfolds against a gripping narrative that intertwines emotional turmoil, trust, and resilience. As Misty comes to terms with her past and forms unbreakable bonds with her allies, they delve deep into Tim’s sinister plans and the complex ethical questions surrounding artificial consciousness. CTRL+ALT+Delete explores the boundaries of humanity, the power of friendship, and the courage to reclaim one’s identity in a world where reality is digitized and emotions are at once vulnerabilities and strengths.


Misty Misty, the protagonist, is a resilient and intelligent woman who finds herself trapped in a nightmarish situation. As a human consciousness trapped in a robotic body by her captor Tim, she grapples with the loss of her physical form and the traumatic memories that led to her creation. Throughout the story, Misty’s determination to regain her autonomy and confront her past drives her to forge unexpected connections with Olivia and Joe. Her journey embodies themes of identity, healing, and the power of human connection.

Tim – Tim serves as the primary antagonist of the story, embodying control and manipulation. His malevolent behavior stems from unresolved trauma, which he projects onto Misty. Tim’s obsession with power and dominance over Misty reflects his desperate attempt to regain control in his own life. His character explores the dark side of technology, the abuse of power, and the consequences of unchecked control.

Olivia Olivia is a supportive and empathetic character who befriends Misty and becomes a pivotal ally in her quest for freedom. Her strong-willed personality masks her own struggles, and her growing friendship with Misty leads to moments of vulnerability and shared strength. Olivia’s unwavering loyalty to Misty and her determination to uncover the truth behind Misty’s existence highlight themes of friendship, solidarity, and the capacity for change.

Joe Joe, a compassionate and quirky character, becomes an essential part of Misty’s support system. His humor and easygoing nature provide moments of levity amid the darkness of the story. Joe’s own experiences with otherness and his willingness to help Misty and Olivia highlight themes of resilience, healing, and the transformative power of human connections.

The Suits A male and female liaison team, the suits are tamping down on theft at Tim, Olivia, and Joe’s workplace. They’re also curious about why their predecessors got fired.

Mom A parasitic parent who will do anything find her son again. She knows of Tim’s dark past and worries that he’s up to his old habits.

D’Andre and Trey Tim’s neighbors, they’re attempting to use the power of love to revitalize their decaying neighborhood. Tim, however, would prefer the block stays empty…


Co-written with Chris Brewer, CTRL+ALT+Delete is a completed screenplay currently being shopped to producers.

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