I moderately enjoy reading your posts; when do you publish?

Oblogatory publishes every Monday at 10am CST. This blog covers classic film reviews and occasionally dives into Hollywood history and practices.

I greatly enjoy reading your posts; can you write for me?

Sure! Click the Services & Contact tab in the top navigation to find out this website’s freelancing policy and rates.

Didn't you use to write about more than classic films?

Yes, much to this blog’s detriment. I spread myself too thin, but, unlike Bilbo Baggins, I didn’t have a magic ring to help manage the side effects. Logistically, I had to scale back.

That said, any TV or animation that I DID cover is still in the archives below!

Oblogatory Archives

Which movies/TV/anime are your favorite/least favorite?

Obviously, taste is subjective, but here are blog posts answering the above questions.

That’s a nice website you’ve got there; can I advertise on it?

Maybe. S4Screenplay is protective of its brand and values its readers. If the product or service advertised is found to be of value or genuine interest for the reader base, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Send all inquires to Logan.gion@s4screenplay.com

Which ad services do you use?

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Is there anything you don't publish?

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