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What is “method” acting, why do some actors do it, and why are some so opposed? - Luke G.

“The Method” was a revolutionary acting style developed by a Russian teacher named Konstantin Stanislavski in the late 1800’s. A pillar of this method was to bring the actor’s life experience into what the character was going through on stage. If an actor was playing a diver, for example, they may want to practice diving from a ten-meter platform. That said, if an actor is afraid of heights while their character is not, they can practice on the three-meter platform, then imagine what a ten-meter might be like. The whole point is for these experiences to inform the actor for the character.


A good recent example of using Stanislavsky’s method is Margot Robbie in I, Tonya. In order to play a professional figure skater, Robbie trained for three months just as a pro skater would. Even though Robbie didn’t train as long as Tonya Harding did in real life, the experience gave Robbie insight into the daily challenges and demands placed on a top athlete.



An example of what NOT to do is Jared Leto’s performance in Suicide Squad. Leto infamously sent dead animals and used sanitary products to his costars. This had nothing to do with the version of The Joker within that film, and offered him no information for his role. He was just being a jerk.

Long story short, method acting has its purpose, but some people abuse it.



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This Cannes-selected indie flick is supposed to be a good time. I wouldn’t know; the only joy I’ve ever experienced as a millennial is when I got my participation ribbons as a kid.

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EVEN IF YOU DON’T WATCH ANIME, WATCH THIS SHOW! Already five episodes in, this show is a perfect adaptation of the manga on which it’s based. I’m not kidding when I say that people will talk about this one for decades after it finishes.

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