Ctrl+Alt+Delete First 15 Pages

Co-written with Chris Brewer

Misty, an android created in a basement, learns the insidious reasons for her existence and must team up with a programmer to crack Misty’s code and confront her oppressive maker.

A pop-culture obsessed L.A. detective must protect a Hollywood starlet whose screenplay has inspired a string of gruesome murders.

Steep Grade First 10 Pages

When a string of grisly murders occur along his route, a trucker/failed-musician helps a world-weary detective track a serial killer through the Southwest.

TV Pilot Samples

Model Youth TV Pilot

A dark comedy, this single-cam half-hour is about a homeless kid who scores a modeling contract. His agency pairs him with a mentor who’s valued at half a billion dollars–or was until his parents ran off with his fortune. 

Neptune Agency TV Pilot

An animated half-hour show taking place 400 years in the future, Neptune Agency is about the first superpower human and the paramilitary agency he works for. His mission? Find his creator and bring the man to justice.

Short Script Samples

Consume! Short Script

Leah, a tech-savvy media maven is chosen to beta test a new smartphone. Good news! The phone works great. Bad news, it works so great that aliens want it.


An ad agency wanted a viral campaign video that was in-your-face and memorably hilarious. …So here’s a short script about poop.