Steep Grade

When a string of grisly murders occur along his route, a trucker/failed-musician helps a world-weary detective track a serial killer through the Southwest.


Steep Grade is one part wronged-man Hitchcock thriller and one part Coen Brothers homage. Greg, a trucker, keeps finding dead bodies on his route. He knows that they’re coming from another trucker with a similar route, but the police are convinced that he’s the killer! Even as he manages to convince the police, miscommunication and bureaucracy keep him as the prime suspect as the real killer begins crossing state lines. This film follows a past-his-prime man beaten down by life as he learns to finally put everything on the line for something he believes in: his innocence.


Greg – A middle aged trucker who used to be a professional guitar player. He met a few tough breaks and became exhausted by the industry. He knows that he’s not using his talents, but trucking’s always been a safe job—or it had been…

Trevor – A disaffected millennial sickened by people who contribute just enough to society to get by. He thrives by offering others opportunities to better themselves. He also thrives by killing those who refuse that opportunity, posing their corpses as reminders for the rest of us.

Lauren – An established small-town detective who knows that she’s meant for greater things. She’s been professionally muzzled by her boss, though. These murders are just the case she needs to move up the ladder, presuming she arrests the right suspect.

Holly – An up-and-coming rocker who’s gigging at the local bars. Full of potential yet uncompromising, Greg sees the best and worst of himself in her. She is at the moment now where she’ll have to make the leap to LA. She’s nervous, but her boyfriend Trevor is supportive.

Hanover – An FBI profiler with a British accent. He brings a refined, cosmopolitan touch everywhere he goes… even rural Colorado.


Steep Grade is a completed, full-length feature screenplay. It’s polished and can be sent upon request.

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