The Genesis Collection

A pop-culture obsessed L.A. detective must protect a Hollywood starlet whose screenplay has inspired a string of gruesome murders.


A postmodern love letter to Old Hollywood, The Genesis Collection pays homage to classic noir films like Sunset Blvd. and The Maltese Falcon but subverts and examines the gender roles of these archetypes for the #metoo era. This film charts a young man’s path from expectations of an idyllic Hollywood to the seedy reality. The film likewise follows a jaded woman from feeling trapped by her reality to her recognizing her power and wielding it to affect change.


Marcus O’Riley – A brilliant asphyxiation expert and homicide detective. His speedy ascendance to his position has gained him a positive reputation, but has also made him a target. He tends to play an idealized version of himself rather than actually be himself.

Elle Rivers – A young breakout star who’s trying to get her own script produced. She hides her Southern roots behind an Old Hollywood persona. While she knows the reality of the business that she’s in, she’s afraid to put everything on the line to make the necessary leap forward. She’d rather suffer a thousand small abuses than public humiliation.

Maria – Marcus’s assigned partner for the case. She holds the same title as Marcus, but is 10 years older. She’s great at her job, but doesn’t get the accolades or respect that Marcus does. While they both want the case solved properly, she wholeheartedly disagrees with Marcus’s approach.

Irwin Thalic – A powerhouse manager who represents Elle Rivers. Another of his clients was the first murder victim. Above all, he wants results for his clients, which means that he’s willing to cross lines that others won’t—his greatest strength and weakness.

Naomi – Elle’s assistant, Naomi is contracted through Irwin Thalic’s management company. Naomi has been loyal to Irwin for decades, but, upon witnessing how Elle is treated by her colleagues, is started to shift her perspective. She also believes that the killer is exploiting an unknown connection between Elle Rivers and Marcus O’Riley.


The Genesis Collection is a completed, full-length feature screenplay. It’s polished and can be sent upon request.

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