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Is it true that Netflix is forcing ads on us? They just raised my subscription rate! - Beth C.M.

While Netflix is rolling out an OPTION to receive ads, they are NOT mandatory. In fact, the entire reason for introducing ads is to make their streaming more affordable; Netflix is basically copying Hulu’s model.

So why are there a bunch of memes of Netflix in a grave? Poor messaging and delivery. Netflix streams worldwide, so a certain war in Eastern Europe led Netflix to cancel subscribers in a particular market (it rhymes with Prussia). Netflix got ethical kudos, which they could’ve parlayed into public support.

Instead, they reported a loss of over 1 million subscribers to their shareholders for the second quarter of 2022. This was their first subscription decline in over a decade, and, because Netflix didn’t connect the dots for the public, news headlines just reported the financial slump without the context.

Netflix then promised their shareholders swift action to regain market growth; advertising became their solution because the streamer could attract lower-income markets. …They just forgot to add that nuance in their press release. “Netflix is getting ads” became the soundbite, and many customers became confused and angry.



The silver lining, though, is that ads could solve Netflix’s other issue: series longevity. Because subscription rates are flat, yet actors and writers get union-mandated raises for a third season, Netflix culls most of their shows after two years.

Ads, however, are sold in slots based on an individual show’s performance. Ad slots for Stranger Things, for instance, sell more than those for Centaurworld (look that one up, if you dare). Therefore, ad revenue may convince Netflix to renew shows for much longer than they currently do.

They’re just going to have to endure a lot of grave memes first.



Something Old...

Perfect Blue

A perfect post to bring up from a while back, here’s Perfect Blue. Yes, I know the heading above is red.

...Something New

A Train Wreck of a Woman Somehow Solves a Murder

First, I was told to watch Mare of Easttown, so I drafted a post for that. Next, I was told to watch The Flight Attendant, so I started drafting a post on that. Then, I was told to watch Nicole Kidman in Destroyer… so I decided to save some time and put ‘em all together.
Oblogatory publishes weekly on Mondays at noon CST. Read it, or the murderer could use it against you!

What the heck do I watch this weekend?


Miss this one in theaters? So did everyone else. Director Ti West (House of the Devil, The Innkeepers) supposedly brought his A-game for this horror comedy.

Rent/Buy on:

Get it on Apple TV


After a two-year COVID shutdown, season three of this dark comedy is finally underway. I adored the previous episodes, and the premiere continues to tighten the screws on the hitman turned actor.

Steam on HBO Max

Love after World Domination

With so many good shows this spring, it’s easy to let a couple slip through the cracks. Let it be known, however, that I DID NOT sleep on this one.

Love after World Domination asks a simple, yet deeply silly, question: What if one of the Power Rangers fell in love with the “evil” witch he was fighting? The answer is worth a half-hour of your time weekly.

Stream on Crunchyroll

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